Aaron is a responsive, accessibility-ready theme. Features include Call to Action and front page Highlights that will grab your visitors attention and help you feature different parts of your website. The theme has two optional menus (including a social menu) and three widget areas that will hold any number of widgets.

Want to run Aaron on a company website rather than a blog? No problem, just hide the meta, the sidebars, and turn off your comments.

I recommend that you install the Jetpack plugin to make full use of supported features like logos, featured content, contact forms and social sharing. To create a portfolio, install Jetpack and create your projects, all the templates are already shipped with the theme. Aaron also works well with Woocommerce and bbPress.

Aaron has evolved from the user comments, requests and questions that has been sent in. Thank you for contributing and helping me make a better theme.

You can download Aaron from WordPress.org.



This theme has two optional menu locations, the Primary menu and the Social menu.
An image describing how a submenu drops down from the Primary menu
The Primary menu is fixed at the top of the website and shows two menu levels. This menu will collapse on smaller screens, and can then be opened and closed by a menu button. It can also be closed with the Esc key.
A one line menu is recommended, or the menu will overlap your content. Use submenus instead.

An image describing how social icons are lined up next to each other in the Social menu
The Social menu is at the bottom of the page and shows logos of the social networks of your choice. It does not display any text, but has additional information for screen readers.
The icon will be added automatically, all you need to do is add a link to your menu.

Create a new menu, then click on Custom links and add your URL. The Link Text that you provide is used as screen reader text.
An image describing where to add URLS for the social menu.
Choose the theme location named Social Menu, and save.
An image describing what the social menu will look like when a theme location has been picked.

Troubleshooting: If your link or icon is not showing up, try using lower case letters.
Available icons:
dribbble, facebook, flickr, foursquare, github, google plus, instagram, jsfiddle, linkedin, pinterest, reddit, soundcloud, stackoverflow, tumblr, twitter, vimeo, vine, yelp, youtube, wordpress, paypal, lastfm, behance, deviantart, spotify, skype, slack, amazon, steam, xing, medium, qq, codepen.

By default, the primary meny also shows the site title and a search form. The search form is not visible on screens smaller than 800 pixels.
You can edit these features under the Advanced settings tab in the Customizer.

Widget areas

The theme now has two different sidebars: one for the front page and blog index, and one for other pages.
To show either sidebar, all you need to do is place your widgets inside them.
To hide either sidebar, remove the widgets. The content of the page will expand to full width when the sidebar is hidden.

Both the sidebars and the footer widget area can hold any number of widgets. The footer widget area is shown on all pages.
There is also one additional widget area in the footer below the social menu, where you can place a text widget and add your copyright text.

Front page

The standard front page has the following features:
Site title: You will find an option to hide or change the color of your site title in the customizer.
Call to action: The Call to Action is a great way to get your visitors attention. In the customizer you can:

  • Add your own text
  • Add a link
  • Change colors
  • Hide the button

Highlights: This is a flexible way for you to feature different sections of your website. You can add upp to nine highlights.
In the customizer you can:

  • Add your own text
  • Add a link
  • Add an icon or upload an image
  • Change colors
  • Hide the individual highlights or all of them

Tagline: You will find an option to hide your tagline in the customizer.
Header Background: You can change the background image or background color in the customizer.

Custom front page

To use a custom page template for the front page, create a new page and select the template under Page Attributes.
An image describing how to set a page template.
Then set your new page as your static front page in the customizer or under Settings > Reading.
An image describing how to set a static front page.


The Landing page template only shows your header, it does not display your footer, your featured content, post content or page content. Your header image will display as a fullscreen image.
The Header & Footer page template only shows your header and footer, it does not display your featured content, post content or page content. It will display the footer widget area, but not the sidebar.
The Static and Featured page template will display the content of the selected page together with your featured content. You also need to active the Jetpack module for Featured Content.
The Grid page template shows your posts in a responsive masonry grid. It does not display the sidebar.
The No sidebar page template shows your page content, but it does not display the sidebar.

Page sections
Page sections are a great way to display your shortcodes, testimonials, pricing tables, contact information and similar.
The two page sections can display up to 3 pages each. Pages in the top section are displayed above the blog content, and pages in the bottom section are displayed below.
You can also show your page sections without your blog content by setting a static front page, using the Sections page template.

Advanced settings

Under the Advanced settings tab in the customizer you will find the following options:

  • Show the excerpt instead of the full content on the front page, blog listing and archives Note: Search results show excerpts by default.
  • Hide the meta information. -This will hide the category and tags.
  • Hide the author and post date information.
  • Show the breadcrumb navigation. -Breadcrumbs are shown below the post title.
  • Hide the search form in the header menu.
  • Show the search form in the header menu on all screen sizes.
  • Hide the Site title in the header menu.
  • Unstick the fixed header menu.
  • Move the meta below the post content. By default, this is shown to the right of the post content.

Header settings for individual posts and pages
To display the header together with an individual post or page, go to Edit mode and activate the Header settings that are located below your post content.
Your post view will inherit the settings from the front page.

  • Show the header.
  • Use the featured image as header image. This requires the header to be active, and a featured image to be set. The image will inherit the background position from the default header.
  • Hide the Call to Action button.
  • Hide the Highlights.
  • Hide the site Tag line (Description).
  • Replace the site title in the header with your post or page title.


Note: In version 2.0, the accessibility settings were moved from the Advanced Settings to it’s own setting in the customizer. Changing the colors of the theme can affect accessibility.

  • Skip link: the theme has one skip link at the very top that lets you skip past the main menu.
    If Highligts are used, you skip to the first Highlight, otherwise you skip to the main content.
  • In the customizer you can add personalized screen reader texts for your sidebar and footer.
  • There is also an option to change text displayed as UPPERCASE to Capitalized.
  • Known issues:
    • Some widgets that uses forms (category dropdown) are missing form labels. This is a known issue with WordPress.
    • Menus have a visible focus and can be tabbed through, but you can not navigate them using the arrow keys.


Aaron uses Open Sans for body, and defaults to Montserrat for headings, menus and footer texts. You will find an option to change Montserrat to a different font in the customizer.


Aaron has been tested with and style has been added for the following plugins:

  • Woocommerce
  • bbPress
  • Jetpack
    Note: Not all of Jetpacks modules are accessibe, and some uses iframes. I have increased the contrast of some of the modules.

Recommended modules:

  • Featured content
    -Once Jetpack has been activated, you can select up to six posts or pages as a front page feature. Chose a tag and add it to your posts to separate them from the rest.
    You can also choose a headline for your featured section. Featured images are optional and the recommended image size is 360×300 pixels.
    An image describing three featured posts on the front page, two with featured images and one that only displays the post title.
  • Custom Content Type: Portfolio
    Aaron also supports Jetpack Portfolios. Read more about how to setup your Portfolio on Jetpacks support site.An image describing two portfolio items.
  • Custom Content Type: Testimonials
    Aaron also supports Jetpack Testimonials.
    Tip: I recommend creating a page and adding this shortcode, and then including the page as a front page section.

    Ditt omdömesarkiv har ännu inga poster. Du kan börja skapa dem på din adminpanel.

    Read more about how to setup your Testimonials on Jetpacks support site.
  • Sharing
    -If you activate Jetpack sharing, your buttons will be displayed below the meta information, to the right of your post content.
    An image describing how sharing buttons are added to the post footer below Tags and Categories.
  • Contact Form
  • Site logo Once Jetpack has been activated, you can add a logo above your Site title on the front page. You will find this setting in the customizer.

126 reaktioner på “Aaron

  1. Oh No! I didn’t know if this is a result of the theme update to version 2.4 or the Jetpack update to version 3.9.0. I deactivated Jetpack and there is still a problem.

    After updating to version 2.4, the layout for posts changed. It used to show the meta information box starting at the top line of the post. Now it has dropped down to below the last line of the post extending the length of the post area by the length of the meta information box.

    It would be fine if the post went to one-column mode with the meta information at the bottom below the last line of the post but it remains as two columns with wasted space to the right of the post and at the bottom of the post.

    I checked the Customizing section to see if there is a new option to check for where I want the meta information to be displayed and didn’t see anything. Is there a setting for this? Or what CSS do I need to add to my child theme to relocate the meta information?


    1. Yes like you said it should show as one column with the meta below.

      There is a setting in the customizer, in the Advanced settings panel. It sais ”Check this box to hide all the meta information.”

      Does it look the same on desktop and mobile? What browser and phone do you use?

      1. It looks fine in the mobile theme with the meta information at the bottom of one column. But not on the desktop. It acts the same with Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox with the meta information on the right at the very bottom below the last line of the post

        I have cleared cache and history in all three and restarted each browser. I am using iMac OS X 10.10.5 with
        Firefox Version 43.0.4
        Google Chrome Version 48.0.2564.82 (64-bit)
        Safari Version 9.0.3 (10601.4.4)

        1. Im confused now 🙂 I thought the problem was that there where multiple columns when viewing the theme on the phone?

          1. The multiple columns problem on the phone is OK now. It is using the mobile theme. I had several people test on Firefox and Safari on their iPhones.

            The double columns for the posts with the meta information in the right column at the very bottom are in the desktop version.

          2. Ok. It is meant to be two columns when the screen is wide enough. But the meta is not ment to be at the bottom of the right column.

        1. Maybe you need to wrap your article in tags? Maybe something in the new Jetpack is looking for the beginning of the article and can’t locate it. There are so many parts to Jetpack that it is hard to guess your set-up but I am using 2.4 Aaron and 3.9 Jetpack (just updated this morning) and my site looks the same as before the update. http://Www.christianboyce.com.

  2. Hi Carolina, I am loving this template 🙂 I am trying to set up some front page highlights and I am using an image for the highlights instead of the icon. Is it possible to make the entire highlight link to the content that the highlight is for? In other words, clicking the image would link to the content instead of just the title text. How can this be done?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi.
      Inside the folder called ”inc” you will find a file called highlights.php. replace the content of the file with this code:

      1. It works beautifully! Thank you.

        One more question, is it possible to hide the main navigation just on the landing page? I’m using the highlights for the landing page navigation, but I would like the top nav visible on all pages/posts etc.

        1. I have only tested it briefly but this should work.

          Copy and paste this to the very bottom of style.css (In your child theme) .home #site-navigation{display:none;}

  3. Carolina,

    I love the Aaron theme. It is very easy to use and customize. The only problem my users have with it is that it doesn’t resize for mobile phones. I thought there was a mobile theme with it but everything is the same size as on the desktop so the header site name is three lines instead of one. Both columns are very narrow. The sidebar is one letter wide. (I can send a screen shot.)) I have the Jetpack plugin installed and the mobile theme setting turned on but that doesn’t help. Is there a customization setting I missed somewhere for getting mobile themes?


    1. Hi!
      The theme is responsive, and should not look the way you describe.
      And if Jetpack mobile setting is not working either, that leads me to think that there is another plugin interferring.
      Try to deactivate all plugins and see if it makes a difference. Then activate them one by one to find which plugin might be causing it.

  4. Hi,

    Thank you so much for the theme. It appears that with the latest wordpress the Aaron theme makes website invisible to the public. Does that make sense? Thank you

  5. Hi Caroline,
    Excellent theme ! Congratulations.
    I’m curious to know if I can modify the header image for a slider ?

  6. I changed the background image to one of Yosemite National Park but was not able to switch back to the original image until I deleted the Yosemite image from the Media Library. Is that a known bug? I think I did everything correctly. Is there a way to choose a background image from a folder, either sequentially or randomly?

    1. Hi.
      I’ve found the error (apparently we need to declare the default header image in two places, who knew!) and it will be fixed in version 2.3.

  7. I sent an email a little bit ago about exporting settings when switching to a child theme, I have since found a plugin that does just that. So if anyone else asks about this, you could send them here: https://wordpress.org/plugins/customizer-export-import/ . It worked well for me, and seems the only thing I had to redo was update the header images (point it to the images your theme had already cropped before and just chose ”continue without cropping”.

    Thank you!

    One other suggestion I’d love to see is if you could give us the opportunity to change the wording of the homepage menu text, if you turn it on. Because the site I’m working on has a very long title (an acronym, and then the acronym spelled out), which takes up too much space in the links. If you gave the option to change that to ”HOME” or something else, that would be great.

    Thanks for a great theme!

  8. Hi
    Very nice template, I love it. But I have to change font family because Montserrat has no latin-extended script.
    How can I do this? Is it require modifications in functions.php file?


  9. I seem to have had my previous comments removed from this site! I really need your help!

    With the exception of the home page, I am unable to get the header to appear on any of the other pages. Can you tell me how to fix this please, as it is really frustrating me!!


  10. Hi there

    You have a fantastic theme, but I am coming up against some problems. I really hope you can help.

    I am unable to get the header to appear on any page, other than the main page. This despite the fact that there is a at the start of every page. It’s really making me tear my hair out, and I really hope you can help me figure this out.

    And is there any way of making the header bigger (as in height)?

    The domain is http://www.highlandcowmedia.com . Thanks.

    1. I noticed that my last comment stripped something out. When it says ”at the start of every page”, before that, it should read **** (stars added to stop the tag being stripped out again)

    2. Hi! I understand that this reply is very late, but in case anyone else is having the same problem:
      The theme is designed to only show the header on the front page by default. It was designed that way on purpose. An option to show it on individual posts and pages will be added in version 2.3.

      (Also, all comments are monitored before they are published, that is why they might not show up immediately.)

  11. I love your template, I, however don’t manage to make the social media icons appears on any page. How do you configure the social menu in order for the icons to appears on the pages?

  12. Hi, i am a newb to templates and i am having one particular problem, which is the white band on my website that says ”THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF GREENLAND” is simply to high, too white, so is there a way to reduce the height, and make the band almost transparent or simply make it completely transparent? I would like the background photo to prominent, but still have the ”THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF GREENLAND”. I love the them, its beautiful and this is my first ever blog website and still have no clue how to add the social media and the blog or discussion forum. Thank you, Bjarne

  13. Gorgeous theme – but why has the author never considered that a user would NOT want to have posts/pages appear underneath the main header photo? This would be a great business template except for theres no way to stop pages and blog posts from scrolling down the bottom without purposely breaking the code!

    1. There are several ways to hide the posts from the frontpage, like chosing one of the templates. I recommend reading some of the comments of other users who has wanted to do the same.

  14. Could you please explain how i can get the social media icons – describe the process step by step: i have spent lots of time and i cannot get that working properly!

    Thank you so much for your help!


  15. Hi Carolina,

    Love this theme. It’s great! Like Lilith, I’m interested in having the blog posts displayed like the regular page template and not the home page. I tried to create a page template by copying page.php, but it still seems to display the header image. Can you make suggestions about how to suppress that?


    1. Hi!
      You can make this change to header.php, line 42:
      Find if ( is_home() || is_front_page() ) {
      and delete is_home() || so that it sais if ( is_front_page() ) {
      This should hide the header on the blog listing.

  16. Hi Carolina,
    I like too much Aaron theme, is very clean and light!
    I’ve got a little problem, I want to put cookie and privacy policies (links) in the footer of the main page (tagline) , using the ”inspection element” of my browser, i have found ”.site-description” but i don’t know where’s the index html code and i don’t know how to modify that.
    Can you help me please?

    1. Hi!
      I recommend that you add this to a text widget in the Footer copyright widget area.
      If this is not suitable then you can edit footer.php, -it will then be in the footer of every page.

      If you want it in the tagline, in the header, then you need to edit header.php, line 79, inside
      <div class="site-description">< ?php bloginfo( 'description' ); ?></div>

  17. Hey I love your theme and have been using it for a while. I just ran the recent update and the buttons in the header have changed from 3 small buttons to 3 lines across the header picture. How can I change this as it cover the whole picture I have there?
    Thank you!


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