Billie is a responsive, accessibility-ready theme. The theme has two optional menus (including a social menu) two different sidebars and a footer widget area that will hold any number of widgets.

Features also include a Call To Action button and custom copyright text. I recommend that you install the Jetpack plugin to make full use of supported features like logos, featured content, contact forms, testimonials, social sharing and more.

To create a portfolio, install Jetpack and create your projects, all the templates are already shipped with the theme. Billie also works well with Woocommerce and bbPress.

Download Billie from





12 reaktioner på “Billie

  1. Hi Carolina

    Thanks for the Theme.

    How do I stop the first button in the menu (link to front page) from appearing?

    It duplicates my first page link (to the About Us front page).

  2. Hi,

    Love the theme! A question I have is….how come I can still see comments (that are replies) from my self when I have checked the ‘Hide comments’ when ‘Author’ is ‘Yvette’?

    My replies to comments are showing under the comments tab and I don’t want them to. Not sure why this is happening.

    Thank you in advance,

  3. I really like this theme, but the side margins on mobile are WAY too big. What’s the simplest way to change those?

  4. Good afternoon,

    How can I get the Primary Menu Centered.
    I tried a lot of this but nothing seems the work in the style.css.

    Could you pls help.


    Love your themes BTW

  5. Love this theme 🙂

    However, how do I set it up so that the/a sidebar is visible also for Pages? Or is this not a feature.. yet? (Although I suppose one could do a quick tweak, by making a custom text menu, with links to posts, instead of actual pages.. )

  6. I’d like to change the title font (where you have ”Theme Preview” in the image above) but not having luck. I tried changing .site-title but that didn’t do anything.

    Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Hello Carolina.
      Thanks for this beautifull template.
      I’m having a hard time trying to make the front page sidebar appear.
      I think the setup is correct, but it doesn’t show on the front page.
      Can you help?

      Thanks a lot.


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